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3D visualization

3D visualization is an easy and fast way to view the appearance of your product in real time.
A virtual image of the entire range of your products will always correspond to the latest changes in graphic design.
You will be more successful in releasing new products, as you can see in advance how your brand will look in a store next to competing products.

Life has repeatedly confirmed the validity of the popular dictum “it is better to see once than hear a hundred times.” This principle is especially true when it comes to a multifunctional tool such as 3D visualization. Professionals and amateurs have long appreciated its wide possibilities and advantages of using it for a wide variety of purposes. So what is this?


3D visualization is a three-dimensional three-dimensional image of an object in a given environment. A distinctive feature is the extremely high realism of the picture, almost indistinguishable from the photographic one. The use of three-dimensional graphics and complex lighting special effects creates the illusion of a direct presence.

Today, many specialized bureaus offer a wide range of services for 3D visualization of objects for various customer needs. Among them – the use of photo and video images for advertising purposes, the presentation of the object at presentations and specialized exhibitions, an additional stage of the production process and negotiations with the customer.

“Mila Design”, having many years of experience in such activities, will be happy to embody the most complex and interesting architecture and design project in three-dimensional graphics. The studio’s specialists have the technical ability and professional skills to visualize the exteriors and interiors of residential, office and industrial buildings of any number of storeys, area and architectural complexity.

Depending on the objectives, 3D visualization is executed in the form of: three-dimensional graphic image with a high degree of realism; 3D panoramas with an overview of 360 degrees horizontally and 180 degrees vertically; 3D-tour (video), assembled from several three-dimensional panoramas.

The service includes the full implementation of all stages of visualization, including 3D modeling of the object, texturing, lighting and rendering. High detail image elements and an unlimited number of angles will provide the opportunity to make the most reliable opinion about the object.

Creating 3D models and placing them in a virtual scene where the background, lighting and camera angle are set. Everything that is within the virtual scene is rendered into a beautiful static image, which is used as the basis for advertising materials or illustration.

Quite simple – we at Mila Design create a two-dimensional image from a 3D model to order.


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