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Design of advertising and printing

Increasing sales of goods, services, introducing a new product to the market, informing about activities – all these marketing tasks are effectively solved with the help of high-quality printing design. A potential client receives a colorful advertising booklet, catalog, business card or poster, the design of which evokes pleasant emotions in him.

The design of product elements is one of the main areas of Mila Design. Our work experience helps us in creating high-quality design projects. We make a lot of efforts so that any order in the end turns out to be bright and unique.

Our designers know how to design printed products correctly. The company is always glad to new customers and difficult tasks, works for the result and achieves its goals. If you order design development at Mila Design, you receive quality promotional products in a timely manner, on time.


Printed matter is one of the most effective ways of influencing potential consumers; it is an integral part of any business, regardless of the type of activity.

The quality of the design of print advertising is determined not only by its pleasant appearance, but also by its functionality. This is not just a beautiful picture, it is an image that carries information about a particular product and about the company as a whole.

Print media includes: poster, catalog, postcard, booklet, brochure, poster, flyer, business cards, postcards, folders, calendars, etc.

It often turns out that the design of advertising materials is developed separately and randomly, without a common concept: the design of business cards is developed in the same style, the product catalog has its own design, and the packaging of the products has its own. This leads to the fact that corporate printing does not work as a common complex, is not always recognizable and often its design does not have a direct association with the brand that it should advertise. All this leads to the fact that printing costs become useless. And a company whose advertising media work inefficiently, not only wastes the advertising budget, but also loses profit. That is why it is so important when developing printing products to turn to professionals who can develop a set of effective advertising materials.

Our designers are ready to advise you on all issues of design of printed materials. Without a good layout, printing is useless. High-quality design of printed products is the high sales and authority of the company.


Printing design is the face of the company, and along with the development of corporate identity and logo design is considered an important link that makes up the success of the promotion. Booklets and letterheads, envelopes and postcards telling about the company – all this, one way or another, plays an important role both in creating an image and in positioning a business. That is why almost everyone is now using the services of designers of printing products, because a well-designed design of printing can bring advertising companies to a new level.

The detailed information provided on a booklet or leaflet with a competent design increases sales, attracts the attention of the client, falling into the hands, makes it possible to carefully study the information, re-read it several times and use the contact details. The trigger in this chain is the aesthetic appeal of print design.

Order a graphic design in Mila Design, and we will create for you a unique layout that will contribute to a good impression and perception of information by the client. With us, your advertising printing is doomed to success and profit.


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