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Packaging design.

  • Stage 1

Development of packaging design concept

Development of at least 3 variants of packaging design concepts. The work is carried out in two consecutive filings: the first filing provides at least 2 options, based on a reasoned written refusal indicating the reasons for each of the proposed in the first filing, the development of an additional variant of the concept of packaging design (second filing). Packaging design concepts are developed on the basis of 2 SKUs from the assortment matrix. Concepts of packaging design are demonstrated by the main marketing communicators with the consumer: typography (font selection), color space of the company space (definition of color dominant), style and manner of execution (illustrations / photos), the ability to adapt the design within the assortment matrix. Working at this stage does not involve working with details and elements that are not fundamental in terms of concept: shades of color, proposed fonts, graphic solutions (illustrations / photos), etc.

Finalization of packaging design

Finalization of the chosen variant of the concept of packing. Improvement includes correction and refinement of the basic design elements: packaging design elements, colors, fonts.

  • Stage 2

Adaptation of packaging design

Adaptation involves the development of fundamental solutions: Composition and color schemes / packaging markers; Placement of additional design elements in order to achieve brand seriality and differentiate the packaging design of a particular format taking into account its features.

Adaptations to taste / category

The work is done with color coding, rendering unique illustrations, with the selection, retouching and replacement of photo images from photostocks or taking photos.

  • Stage 3

The layout of the original layout

Layout and layout of all mandatory technical elements: text information, marking marks, barcodes, window production date. The works are carried out on the scan of the packaging provided by the Customer.

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