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Instagram post design

Instagram post

Since the principle of Instagram is to publish images and videos, it is ideal for promoting goods and services, a cost-effective and efficient way to attractively display your products and services thanks to the huge audience of Instagram social network, the most popular city in the world. An analysis of the top accounts showed that we notice how harmoniously they are built: a common color scheme or style, meaningful signatures and following a single profile mood. Therefore, today we plunge into the world of instagram design.

How to maintain an account?

Instagram rules do not end on the content. Use meaningful text to maintain profile performance. It could be:

  • profile name and description;
  • signatures for publications;
  • links and buttons.

The name and description of the profile on Instagram, this information is indexed by search engines. Therefore, with a limit of 30 characters for the name and 150 characters for the description, the maximum amount of information should be accommodated. Do not duplicate the name of the brand or company if it is indicated in the nickname. It’s better to tell the key points of your work, product, service, as well as the physical address, work schedule, website and promotional offers.

Why is it important to pay attention to design?

Creating an Instagram account is simple, the main thing is filling it up (content for instances). Key content criteria:

  1. “Meet by clothes.” Beautifully designed profile, nice to watch. If the user stops on your page for inspiration and pictures, then he will probably be interested in the purpose of the profile and your services / product.
  2. Demonstration of a product / service. Attractive product photography is of interest to the consumer, especially when visual perception is important. This applies to clothing stores, salons, photographers, etc. .. It all depends on the visual presentation.
  3. Engaging in interesting articles.
  4. If you created the page as a store. Present the product you are offering beautifully, use photos and videos on which you will demonstrate it in an original way, if it is clothing, show them on the model or in combination with accessories in the flesh before choosing the color of the nail polish, full onion, paying attention to fashion trends. Then your account will not only be selling, but also highlighted among ordinary ones.
  5. Reviews Create the “Reviews” column following the basic style, and publish reviews of the best projects so that visitors can evaluate the results of your work.\

How to make an account attractive?

To get started, look at the beautiful and popular similar instagram pages. Choose from each page you like (and most importantly, that this page be with a large number of subscribers, the top instagram page), what attracted you and submit on your page but after upgrading, submit even better.

Instagram style is the most important:

  • color gamut, use one filter for every 15 posts;
  • adding posts in a certain order, chess;
  • show the mood of the profile.

Remember that account design requires quality source material. Forget blurry, sloppy photos and videos. Choose high-resolution images, preferably made with a professional touch. Web Studio “Mila Design” will create for you a high-quality and professional design of your profile.