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What are POS materials?

POS is a design of sales points.
POS materials (POS materials) are called materials that help to promote a particular brand or product at sales points (wobblers, price tags, shelftockers, dispensers, checkboxes, colorful labels, checkboxes and garlands, decorative magnets, posters, tags, mobiles, growth figures, etc.) .d). POS materials attract attention
buyers, thereby contributing to increased sales.
Buyers learn about the benefits of products by studying POS materials. POS materials are an important marketing tool that acts on the buyer who is currently on the shelf with the product. Thanks to their use, the buyer often decides to buy here, and now, unlike, for example, the commercial that offers to buy the advertised product. Thus, due to the informative and the ability to attract attention to the product, POS materials stimulate sales. By skillfully planning an advertising campaign, you can even successfully promote your product in sales outlets with a modest budget.
In Mila Design web studio you can order design for advertising of all kinds of POS materials:

  • Wobblers
  • Dispensers
  • Mobile
  • Shelftockers
  • Price tags
  • Growth figures
  • Displays
  • Decorative magnets
  • Colorful packaging

Wobblers is an advertising image on a flexible shaking leg that attracts attention through vibration.

Dispensers – are intended for an artificial insert of the advertised product (often beside the goods on the same dispenser lie also advertising booklets dedicated to it).
The display is something like a dispenser, only there is no pocket, and the back is glued or cut down.

Mobile phones are big promotional images.

A shelftocker is a full-color, curved plastic advertising element intended for the visual unification and highlighting of a single brand on a common shelf. Shelftockers allow you to attract additional attention to the brand and facilitate its memorization.

Production of growth figures is possible with the help of offset printing of two or more standard A1 sheets. Since the design is complex, it is easy to disassemble and transport.
Despite the effectiveness of this advertising tool, in no case should not deny the traditional institutes of advertising and design:

  • design of advertising booklets
  • banner layout
  • outdoor advertising
  • modern packaging and label design

The ideal option is to organically complete the entire concept of an advertising campaign with the introduction of POS.