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About me

My name is Ludmila. I am the founder of Mila Design and have been designing for over 5 years.
The Mila Design website will provide you with quality graphic design services, and an attentive attitude. Thank you for trusting me, I guarantee the successful implementation of the project.

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Reviews about our work

Людмила, спасибо за хорошую работу! С креативным подходом, вежливая, приятная в общении Людмила! Спасибо за этот проект!

'Illustration of how we do it'

The main stages of creating illustration

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'Animated banner for social networks'

Spectacular animation

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'What are POS materials?'

Useful note for an entrepreneur

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'Graphic Design Trends 2020'

What graphic design trends will be in 2020?

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'Instagram post design'

How to make an account attractive?

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'Logo design'


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'Corporate identity'

The development of a corporate identity that will emphasize the style of the image and the uniqueness of the business will ensure the success of all marketing and advertising campaigns of your brand.

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Development of packaging design of at least 3 options for packaging design concepts. Work is done in two consecutive submissions: at least 2 options are provided in the first submission

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'Website banner development'

Banner - a popular form of advertising on the Internet

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