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Brand book

A brand book is an internal corporate document that systematizes all ideological elements of a brand, forms its complex picture, and also contains a report of the rules for using graphic and verbal components of the brand.

A brand book is a tool of a marketer, brand manager and other specialists helping to operate with common elements and brand properties in order to increase sales. Development is necessary for all large companies, relaying their identity to hundreds of promotional materials, required if your business has a wide geography, it is simply necessary when you work with different contractors. For example, when it comes to making business cards, printing leaflets, printing brochures or printing booklets, the printing house must clearly understand how it will be printed (offset printing or digital printing, etc.), what colors will be used, whether there will be felling and etc.


A Brand Book is a multi-component document that consists of several parts.

Ideological part

  • Description of the scope of the company;
  • The statement of the mission, philosophy and brand values;
  • Estimated brand life cycle;
  • Description of corporate culture;
  • Defined development strategies that reflect the benefits of a product or company in a competitive environment;
  • Description of the specifics of brand business processes;

The grafical part

  • Description of the corporate mark and its elements (logo, corporate symbol);
  • The main and additional version of building a corporate sign;
  • Options for using a corporate sign (full color, b / w, monochrome);
  • Options for using the main and additional logo depending on the brightness of the background;
  • Invalid use cases for a corporate mark;
  • Slogan and explanations to it;
  • The principles of the layout of the slogan (speech letters, digressions, location relative to the logo);
  • Options for using the logo and slogan (full color, b / w, monochrome);
  • Description of the areas of application of the corporate sign and slogan;
  • Rules for using a corporate mark on various materials;
  • Basic and additional corporate fonts, rules for the design of texts;
  • Primary and additional corporate colors;
  • General principles for building layouts;
  • The principles of design and layout of outdoor advertising (billboard, megabord, city light, etc.);
  • Principles of using corporate elements on Internet media (Internet banners);


Uniqueness and own design emphasizes the character of the company. Favorably distinguishes the brand from competitors. Accelerates memorization and enhances brand awareness. Advertising campaigns are much more successful. Brandbook saves time and reduces the price of services for the development of printing and other promotional materials.

To order the development of a brand book in Mila Design means trusting an agency that really cares. We are attentive to the little things, but most importantly: we are attentive to the wishes of the client and the needs of his brand. We will listen to your opinion and keep up to date with the work – from the first meeting to the completion of the project.


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