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Corporate identity development

Corporate identity – a single system of advertising elements used in the design of products of one company: logo, stylistic design techniques, a set of colors, visual effects, font. Thanks to the corporate identity, the promotion of goods and services of the company is fast and efficient.


  • Brand name and logo;
  • Tagline;
  • Corporate block (logo + slogan);
  • Company colors;
  • Corporate font;
  • Corporate character.


  • business card form;
  • letterhead;
  • corporate envelope;
  • company folder;
  • development of company names and products;
  • development of slogans and advertising texts;
  • printing products (booklets, calendars, packaging)

In essence, corporate identity is an identifying marker: a consumer who is satisfied with the quality of products / services will transfer positive impressions to everything that is designed in a similar way. Therefore, exclusivity is also protection against cloning and fakes.


  • Increasing the level of memorization and recognition of the company and its product;
  • Creation of a reliable reputation of the company and its attractive image;
  • Providing the company with individuality and increasing its competitiveness;
  • Increasing the level of trust on the part of the target audience and the level of customer loyalty;
  • Increase in sales and company profit growth;
  • Reduce advertising costs. The only communication affects the order more than disparate advertising events;
  • Budget saving during the launch of new products due to the existing brand recognition and popularity.

Carriers of corporate identity can be – company business cards, corporate documents, letterheads, company envelopes and folders, promotional souvenirs (pens, pencils, flash drives, notebooks, calendars, diaries, etc.), packages and packaging.

Corporate identity helps to achieve a certain unity in advertising; all forms of advertising can act as carriers of corporate identity, increasing its effectiveness.

Despite many factors, we always offer our customers only honest and fair prices for design services. Mila Design is an advantage; Mila Design is your quality.

Corporate identity is closely associated with the concept of image, because it is a conditional shell that is filled with specific content. And its filling forms the concept of the image of the company.

A creative designer will develop the idea of ​​positioning the unity of the brand and elements of corporate identity that reflect it. Therefore, when you mention your name in the minds of consumers, an association with any visual element, shape or color is instantly triggered, which will contribute to the growth and prosperity of the company.