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Graphic Design Trends 2020

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In what direction will graphic design move in 2020? What design trends will develop?

Trends 2020: graphic design with large fonts, unusual solutions and novelty.

Spectacular typography. In 2020, bold and wide styles are relevant, readable for absolutely any eye. Attention is paid not only to the scale of fonts, but also to unusual solutions and novelty. Simple, concise but at the same time grandiose! Indistinct small compositions are the antitrend of this year. This year, you can easily read from afar the texts of posters, advertisements, labels or websites.

A mixture of two directions. A combination of photos and illustrations. This trend, this year is gaining great popularity on social networks.

Bright gradients are still in fashion. The color gradient helps to stay in one color palette, while looking tasteful. Neon and fluorescent shades from past trends are gaining popularity, do not forget that the fashion is cyclical. In contrast, nude colors such as Tranquil Dawn or Neo-Mint are gaining popularity. The combination of unusual colors with natural colors is the perfect combination of 2020.

Minimalism for clarity and structure. In 2020, too, without minimalism in any way. Minimalism gives sophistication to design. Logos, emblems, other elements should be readable and recognizable on small screens and labels at a glance. In 2020, the trend is to combine minimalism with asymmetry and bright gradients. The specifics of the styles, nothing more – in the first place.

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