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Illustration of how we do it

How to draw an illustration

The main stages of creating an illustration: from pencil drawing to full work in Adobe Illustrator

1. Pencil drawing

Let’s get started. You have an idea. For example, I’ll take my idea, I drew it for a customer who wanted to see himself in his favorite cartoon series and, for the sake of eating, made him an order on the Mila Design website The boy together with the main characters jump out of the portal that moves. A composition appears in my head and I begin to draw. I draw from a photograph with a pencil only a boy styling him under the characters of the cartoon Rick and Morty.

2. Translation of Illustrator

Now I photograph the resulting character on the phone and transfer it to the computer.
In Illustrator, I create a new project and throw the photo there. I reduce the brightness of photos and with the help of a pen (Pen tool) I begin to draw.
After the stroke, I begin to align the composition and adjust the elements.

3. Drawing a scene from the cartoon

I draw a scene from the cartoon.
After I drew the scene, I connect the character and the scene together editing to the size so that everything is organic.

4. The stage of working with color

When the technical part is done, add color. I copy all the colors from the cartoon using the eyedropper tool.

Order a book illustration, with the creation of a new character from the photograph

Want to give a friend a nontrivial gift? Order an artist to draw an illustration for his favorite book.

Imagine delight and surprise if in one of the characters he recognizes himself. This is much cooler than just a portrait painted from a photograph. By drawing an illustration for the book, the artist can give a portrait resemblance to your friend to any of the heroes of the work, and can introduce him into the mise-en-scene as an outside observer.

Such a gift will be remembered for a long time, and you will show your friend that you know him well and consider him an intellectual.

Such a gift for children is very interesting. Children’s books can not be imagined without pictures. New illustrations of already known fairy tales and stories will make them much more interesting. How will the children react when they see themselves in the book or in the picture for it? Even those who do not want and are too lazy to read, will definitely decide to find out what is written in the book about them.

Or here is how in this illustration you can make a child the hero of your favorite cartoon. To introduce a new hero into the animated series, only a photograph was needed to illustrate.

On its basis, a completely new hero of the series was created, which was exclusively similar to its prototype.

The artist drew the characteristic features of the new hero, which are inherent in the original in the photo. Those who see this picture are unlikely to doubt that this character really was in the cartoon.

Vector graphics

Illustrations are made using vector graphics. Thanks to this, you can scale the picture without harming its quality. They usually have bright saturated colors and clear lines. Similar illustrations can be placed on decorative panels, t-shirts, mugs, phone cases, etc.