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Logo design

Designing a logo and corporate identity is a painstaking work to create the face of your business. That logo is the first means of communication with consumers. This is the first thing your customers see and what makes the first impression of your company. Everything can be wonderful in your company: the team, the product, and the goals. But how do you get them if no one knows about you?

Logo design is the most important and very first step to developing a spectacular corporate identity and, as a result, an individual image of your company. Therefore, the logo should clearly express the main activities of the company, be attractive, be well remembered and qualitatively distinguish you from competitors.

That is why it is so important to have a good identity and corporate identity. This is the foundation of your brand and this is the future of your company. That is why, creating a logo is a rather troublesome process, which requires a detailed study of fresh trends, customer activities, competitors’ brand strategies and the taste of the target audience.

Despite many factors, we always offer our customers only honest and fair prices for the logo design service.

Mila Design will make a custom logo for you – unconventional, reflecting the essence, concept and strategy of the business.


  • It should be well remembered and be recognizable;
  • arouse consumer confidence;
  • clearly reflect the essence of the company.
  • Also, the logo should be carefully thought out to the smallest detail:
  • carry a certain meaning;
  • look harmonious both in black and white and in color versions at any size;
  • maintain their properties in various applications: as in the electronic version, and when applied to various surfaces.


  • stand out among competitors – with the help of an identifier the company and products will become more recognizable;
  • at first glance, create the necessary associations for the target audience – you will be chosen as a trusted partner;
  • to make the image and history of the company whole – when developing a logo design, we take into account the characteristics of the
  • business, our work becomes a key element of its corporate culture and style;
  • increase the impact of marketing campaigns in the media, outdoor advertising, on TV and in the Internet environment.

Logos and corporate identity created in Mila Design are not just beautiful images, but a symbiosis of the mass of decisions made. They take into account associativity, the necessary laconicism of graphic forms, versatility and relevance to the positioning of the business.

Creating a company or brand logo is a multifaceted task, because you need to find the original style of the name, reflect the essence of the business in graphics, typography, color solutions.

Therefore, “Mila Design” does not work according to the template – if you decide to order a logo from us, you will receive an exclusive turnkey solution for your business.

In the end, it is the logo that forms the basis of the corporate identity and it is the logo that forms the first impression of the company and can attract the attention of customers and potential partners.


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