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Packaging and label design

Every manufacturer knows that successful sales depend on label design and packaging. Bright, eye-catching labels are an effective tool in promoting goods. Good design helps the buyer make a certain choice.

Designing labels and packaging at Mila Design means quality. After all, we devote a lot of time and attention to this.


Among a large assortment of goods, the consumer usually quickly makes a purchasing decision. To push the buyer to choose one or another product is the main task of the label and packaging.

Label design development can be entrusted only to professionals who know not only all the subtleties of printing, but also the psychology of people. Experienced Mila Design designers will take into account all the features of the product and how consumers will perceive the packaging and label. It is no coincidence that if sales decrease, first of all, a new label design is being developed. With proper design, sales tend to increase. Labels, in addition to aesthetic appeal, should protect products from fakes.

For “Mila Design” the format, size or type of packaging is not important. The main thing is how the label design affects its sale and market success. And the success of our customers is our success.

The design price is individual for each individual order. The price is affected by the amount of information provided by the customer, his wishes, the amount of graphic and preparatory work, the size of the package, its purpose. Despite many factors, we always offer our customers only honest and fair prices for packaging design or label design services.

Mila Design is an advantage; Mila Design is your quality.

Stylish, bright design will create obstacles for fake. And, the use of additional processing methods leads to the fact that counterfeiters, it becomes unprofitable and difficult to fake a sticker or packaging. All these measures help maintain the image of the company.

If you want to conduct a seasonal promotion, do not rush to spend your marketing budget on outdoor advertising. Perhaps it will be enough to order a packaging design for a product with small seasonal changes containing information about the promotion. To save your advertising budget, you can order a label design or even a sticker on a label, put an information booklet in it. The design and printing of cardboard packaging or the seasonal design of the shrink label will replace the catalog, leaflet, and outdoor advertising.


No less requirements are imposed on the creation of packaging design. Packaging can perform different functions, for example, it can serve as a decoration or be a wrapper, as well as be used for any other purpose. Therefore, the packaging design will depend on the functions that it performs.

Packaging design is similar to sticker design. It is also highlighted in a separate printing area. This is due to the specific characteristics of the paints used. To take into account all these features, special software is needed.

Packaging is one of the most interesting and complex types of printing. Packaging design plays not only a practical role in the sale of goods, it is primarily “clothing”, according to which people meet the goods and form their opinion and their first impression. Even if you have the most unique and high-quality product in the world, it will fail, in an attempt to become a leader in sales without appropriate packaging.

Packaging has important consumer information – product name, manufacturer, manufacturing date, expiration date and other important information. The packaging design should be in accordance with the selected price segment of the market and the expectations of the target audience. It is important that it enhances the competitiveness of the product and has a graphic personality.

Label and packaging should become an advertisement for the product, then this will reduce financial investments in advertising companies.


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