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Logo design

Logo creation process

1. Filling out the BRIEF.

The development of a logo (corporate identity) in our studio begins after receiving a BRIFF from the Client to create a logo. It reflects the main wishes for future development (type of logo, color scheme, idea, etc.). This document can be completed by the Client independently. Or at the meeting, we will carefully listen to all the wishes and help you fill out.

2. Analysis of the work.

Then, we analyze the information reflected in the BRIFF.

3. Sketches of the logo.

Search for ideas and implementation of sketches on paper.

4. Drawing the logo.

The best logo ideas are translated into vector format on a computer. Complete full color design options are created.

5. Submission of work.

The client can receive ready-made versions of the logo by e-mail, a presentation of the project in PDF format.

6. Choosing an option and revising the logo.

After the Client has considered the submitted work, he either immediately approves one of the logo options (if he likes it :), or expresses wishes for its revision.

7. The result is ready!

The approved logo is transferred to the Client in vector format with explanations for its use (color scheme, font, etc.). And the visualization of the logo in the environment of its application.


Logo design

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