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Label Design for Tube Vape Liquid

Packaging and label design

Label design.

Together with the packaging, a label is used to mark and present the product. A label is the same packaging and performs the same function with it: it represents the product and carries a piece of important information to the consumer. In some cases, developing a label design can be much more complicated due to its size.

For “Mila Design” the format, size or type of packaging is not important. The main thing is how the label design affects its sale and market success. And the success of our customers is our success.

The design price is individual for each individual order. The price is affected by the amount of information provided by the customer, his wishes, the amount of graphic and preparatory work, the size of the package, its purpose. Despite many factors, we always offer our customers only honest and fair prices for packaging design or label design services.

Mila Design is an advantage; Mila Design is your quality.

Packaging and label design

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