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Brand book

Brand book

A brand book is an internal corporate document that systematizes all ideological elements of a brand, forms its complex picture, and also contains a report of the rules on the use of graphic and verbal components of the brand.
What is included in the brand book?
A Brand Book is a multi-component document that consists of several parts.
1. The ideological part.
Description of the scope of the company;
Formulation of the mission, philosophy and brand values;
Estimated brand life cycle;
Description of corporate culture;
Defined development strategies that reflect the benefits of a product or company in a competitive environment;
Description of the specifics of brand business processes;
2. Graphic part
Description of the corporate mark and its elements (logo, corporate symbol);
The main and additional version of building a corporate sign;
Options for using a corporate sign (full color, b / w, monochrome);
Options for using the main and additional logo depending on the brightness of the background;
Invalid use cases for a corporate mark;
Slogan and explanations to it;
The principles of the layout of the slogan (the performance of letters, digression, location relative to the logo);
Options for using the logo and slogan (full color, b / w, monochrome);
Description of areas of application of the corporate sign and slogan;
Rules for using a corporate mark on various materials;
Basic and additional corporate fonts, rules for the design of texts;
Primary and additional corporate colors;
General principles for building layouts;
The principles of design and layout of outdoor advertising (billboard, megabord, city light, etc.);
Principles of using corporate elements on Internet media (Internet banners);

Brand book

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