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Packaging and label design

  • Stage 1

Development of packaging design concept
Development of at least 3 options for packaging design concepts. The work is carried out in two consecutive submissions: at least 2 options are provided in the first submission, on the basis of a substantiated written refusal indicating the reasons for each of the options proposed in the first submission, an additional version of the packaging design concept is developed (second submission). Packaging design concepts are developed on the basis of 2 SKUs from an assortment matrix. Packaging design concepts are demonstrated by the main marketing communicators with the consumer: typography (selection of fonts), color scheme of the corporate space (determination of color dominants), style and manner of execution (illustrations / photos), the ability to adapt the design inside the assortment matrix. Work at this stage does not involve working with parts and elements that are not fundamental from the point of view of the concept: color shades, proposed font, graphic solutions (illustrations / photos), etc.
Finalize packaging design
Refinement of the selected version of the packaging concept. The revision includes the correction and study of the basic design elements: packaging design elements, colors, fonts.

  • Stage 2

Adapting packaging design
Adaptation involves the development of the following fundamental solutions: Compositional and color schemes / markers for packaging; Placement of additional design elements in order to achieve seriality of the brand and differentiation of packaging design of a specific format, taking into account its features.
Adaptations to taste / category
The work is done with color coding, rendering of unique illustrations, with selection, retouching and replacing photo images from photo stocks or taking photographs.

  • Stage 3

Layout of the original layout
Layout and placement of all required technical elements: text information, marking signs, barcode, window production date. The work is carried out on the development of packaging provided by the Customer.
Prepress packaging layouts
Preparation of the original layout agreed upon by the Customer for printing, taking into account the technological requirements for the type and method of printing.

Packaging and label design

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